Think In English

It is an incredible honor for me to present a book for you who are interested in learning English to be a global citizen. As the book is the result of my experiment among various age groups, I suggest you focus on it when you have decided to improve your English Skills.

Only 1000 common words are used for 90 % of communication worldwide. Because of the relevant field, you can use the other 10 % of Vocabulary for the betterment of your communication and study. I wanted to show you the right way of learning and practicing the English Language, not like a native but like you what you needed all the time. Every exercise, puzzle solving, IPA practice, tongue twister, sentence practice, word, and instruction is important here in this book. Although I tried to avoid grammar discussion, every sentence is followed by grammar.

Our main focus should be learning and practicing language first, grammar and other improvements will come automatically. We call it the acquisition of language.

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Warm Regards,

Amaan Sulaiman