English Mania-2: The Touchstone

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English Mania-2: The Touchstone
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English Mania-2: The Touchstone Second Edition with better pages and cover.

What’s Handy and Exclusive in English Mania 2: The Touchstone?

English Mania is a series of Books on Learning English Easily and Efficiently. Observing brilliant responses from the readers of the First Book of this series inspired JAB Publication to bring the next book of the series with the name, English Mania 2: The Touchstone, signifying the wealth and resources of the book to aid the readers with its Midas’ Touch.

How you can milk from the topics in this book to improve your language skills in the areas of Tongue Twisters, Analytical Ability, Spelling, Speech & Presentation, and Listening is the key concern of this introductory segment.

The spectacular part of the Book is it emphasized on Phonetic Aspects of Language, especially the IPA. The intense and innovative part of the Book screens off with International Phonetic Alphabet(IPA) without which learning English, especially grabbing authority over Listening and Speaking is nearly impossible. Discussed in the book how the 4 skills of Language are interconnected will facilitate you to understand your own necessity and choose materials that you require to learn how to alleviate yourself in mastering English.

Last but not least, the common problem all English Language learners struggle with is the Spelling Words with horrible confusion. The Touchstone endeavors to aid you with innovative ways of Mnemonics – spelling strategies – to smoothen your voyage with the English Language.

Happy Reading!!

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